Best ways to hook your Genie® or Hi-def DVR online?

Best ways to hook your Genie® or Hi-def DVR online?

Before starting

Look into the Connection to the internet on the computer or tablet. If they can link, their Genie ® or DIRECTV High-definition DVR will be able to as well.

Keep in mind: the least possible relationship increase of 750 Kbps is needed to use videos On Demand, 72-hour rewind*, and TV set software, but 2Mbps or maybe more is advised. You can look at your online speed using this application.

Should you dont have the low desired pace, contact your isp. If you’re an AT&T customers, you could potentially rapidly troubleshoot problems below.

*72-hour rewind available on locate networks. Witness right here for facts.

Identify your own Genie ® or DIRECTV High-definition DVR

Observe: Receivers are listed in purchase from most recent to oldest. Hook the greatest radio model in your residence very first, next the relax will connect automatically.

Not sure which recipient style that you have? Let’s find!

Good! currently, let’s link your Genie ® or DIRECTV High-definition DVR to the web.

Check-out eating plan

Press DIET PLAN on the online.

Join Right Now

Make use of pointer tips on the isolated going straight down and choose Settings (associate Now). From the Menu display, select be connected Now.

If you find Reconnect At this point, identify that instead and adhere to this.

Decide how exactly to link

You’re practically there! There are a few various methods best dating sites for Professional singles to connect with online.

For optimum outcome, we recommend connecting with an Ethernet line for a trusted hookup (apart from H44, that only relate to Wi-Fi).

Step One

Physically hook your Genie ® /HD DVR and Internet router with an Ethernet cable. When they’re connected, choose sample association if caused. Mention: this might take minutes, so give it a long time.

If you’re having difficulty attaching, choose back once again the remote to test linking with a wireless alternative.

However can’t associate?

Start the network router– unhook it for a couple a few seconds, subsequently plug they back.

Contact your isp. If AT&T can be your isp, it is possible to rapidly test thoroughly your line or check if there’s an outage in this article.

Take advantage of fetish chat container within the web page (if available) or dub customer support at 1-800-531-5000 and we’ll guide you through an answer.

Step Two

Congrats, you’re connected! You now have access to classic TV shows, reach cinema, and all things in between with DIRECTV when needed, you require 72-hour rewind*, a whole bunch more. Know more about what can be done because you’re linked right here. Satisfied observing!

*72-hour rewind available on locate stations. See right here for data.

Quick enjoying pace shown. Display can vary predicated on your online velocity. Material and programming available is founded on your DIRECTV plan.

Select system below

Push Button Setup/WPS lets you hook their Genie ® or High Definition DVR towards your Wi-Fi circle instantly. All you need to create try pushing the WPS button on wireless router.

Step 1

Choose Create Cordless.

Step Two

Press on the isolated.

Step Three

Go to your cordless network router and find the WPS option. It must appear this:

Hit the WPS switch and also your phone will quickly connect with online.

Mention: this will likely just take a few minutes, hence have a while.

If you’re having trouble joining quickly, select straight back in the remote to consider your Wi-Fi network and enter your own password.

However can not link?

Start their device– unhook they for some mere seconds, subsequently get they last.

Get hold of your isp. If AT&T is your isp, it is possible to quickly try out your range or figure out if there’s an outage in this article.

Utilize the fetish chat package on this web page (if offered) or label customer satisfaction at 1-800-531-5000 and we’ll guide you through a remedy.

Step 4

Congrats, you’re installed! You have entry to classic shows, strike films, and all things in between with DIRECTV On Demand, you could use 72-hour rewind*, and so much more. Learn more about your skill because you’re related here. Happier monitoring!

*72-hour rewind on select networks. Discover here for resources.

Instant enjoying fast found. Test differ according to your Internet fast. Information and programs available is dependant on their DIRECTV deal.

Step One

Identify Started Cordless.

Step Two

Determine your Cordless network. (won’t see your Wi-Fi circle? Locate input identity to enter they in or Identify circle Definitely not detailed for added strategies.)

Step 3

Input your very own password (case-sensitive) together with your remote control, then choose manage.

Observe: this could get minutes, hence provide it a long time.

If you’re experiencing difficulty hooking up, locate in return about remote to use Push Button create.

Still can not link?

Start your own router– disconnect it for many mere seconds, after that connect it back in.

Get hold of your Internet service provider. If AT&T can be your Internet service provider, you could immediately try out your series or find out if there’s an outage here.

Operate the talk box about this page (if available) or name customer service at 1-800-531-5000 and we’ll show you through a solution.

Step Four

Congrats, you’re related! You now have having access to classic TV shows, hit films, and everything in between with DIRECTV On Demand, you can make use of 72-hour rewind*, and much more. Have a look at what you can do because you’re installed right here. Satisfied monitoring!

*72-hour rewind on select programming. Notice below for information.

Quick enjoying fast demonstrated. Monitor varies according to your Internet velocity. Satisfied development offered is founded on their DIRECTV bundle.

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